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Pete Blackwell CFP®, AAMS®

Certified Financial Planner®, LPL Financial Advisor
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My Journey Unveiled:

In the tapestry of my life, the threads of resilience and determination weave a compelling narrative. As a child of divorced parents, I embarked on a transformative journey that shaped my perspective on selflessness and financial empowerment.

Choosing to live with my mother, despite the challenges, was a pivotal decision. My mother, a high school dropout and a survivor of life's storms, faced the challenge of supporting both herself and a child. Together, we navigated through humble beginnings—from a cramped house trailer to a modest 1,100-square-foot home.

Even in my formative years, my affinity for math emerged as a guiding light. I vividly recall outpacing cash registers in calculating totals and taxes, a skill that would later define my professional path. Witnessing my mother's financial struggles spurred me to introduce her to the concept of savings, a turning point that marked her triumphant entry into the world of financial security.

At 52, my mother, a testament to resilience, opened her first savings account. The pride in her voice echoed this remarkable achievement—from divorce and no high school diploma to becoming a licensed LPN, teaching future paramedics and EMTs. Her journey mirrored my own, reinforcing the transformative power of financial literacy.

My journey continued as I embraced the discipline of the Marines, and my role as the go-to person for financial advice solidified. Whether helping & educating fellow Marines or guiding their families, I found purpose in offering counsel on budgeting, debt reduction, and overall financial well-being.

My experience as a police officer and Marine Officer has endowed me with a diverse skill set that I seamlessly apply in my current work with clients. These skills encompass effective communication, critical thinking, empathy, compassion, attention to detail, ethical decision-making, as well as teamwork and collaboration.

While the path to my current role as a financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner™ spanned 25 years, it feels like destiny. I proud of the impact I have on people's lives, be it supplying emotional support during tough times or crafting strategic financial plans. I liken my role to a navigator armed with a printed folding car map, highlighting the route to success. My mission is clear: to keep clients on course, guiding them towards their goals with expertise, dedication, and a genuine passion for financial well-being.