Resilient Market Performance

Stocks have been dealt a tough hand in 2022.  With inflation at the highest it’s been in 40 years and may still go higher, the Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hikes are becoming more aggressive than markets originally anticipated, the geopolitical threat of Russian military actions, and fears of China’s military aggression in Taiwan, it may be easy to develop a bearish view of our financial markets.

However, despite these challenges, the S&P 500 Index is only down about five percent year-to-date (April 1, 2022). The fundamentals remain mostly positive. US economic growth is expected to be above trend this year due to a strong job market and higher than expected consumer spending. Interest rates should soon stabilize. Inflation may begin to ease in the next few months. Additional positives may come from a peaceful resolution to the Russian-Ukraine conflict. And Corporate America earnings estimates are higher in 2022.

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If you are a wage earner in the State of Washington, you expected to begin paying a new tax beginning January 1, 2022, of 0.58 percent of your earnings for state-run Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance. However, House Bill 1732 has tentatively set the new start date as January 2023 to allow legislators more time to address the concerns that led to recent court challenges and citizens’ initiatives with the goal of improving the program.

If you currently have your own long term care insurance that has been in effect before November 1, 2021, you can still apply for a life-time exemption from this program.  Go to Washington Cares. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an extension to the original window of October 1, 2021, through December 31, 2022, for current LTC policy owners to apply for an exemption. The sooner you apply and are approved, the sooner you will be removed from this new tax.

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